Brain in a box

In order to think out of the box, I keep my brain in a box.
So that I don’t forget things I trick myself into remembering. When I leave the house I only have to remember three things.
1.Keys – so I can drive.

2.Fanny pack – for commerce, food and health.

3.My iPhone – for everything else.


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Keys allow me to drive my car, get the postal mail and unlock my house.

Brain in a box

I have apologized to teenagers for wearing a fanny pack. Surprisingly, 90% of them admit that they “sport a fanny pack too.”
As long as I don’t leave it somewhere my fanny pack is better than pockets. All the utility stuff is in there.

Fanny pack contents:
Front small pocket:
iMentor stuff such as paper notepad (business), business cards and flash drive.
Flash drive contains all my technical magic.

Brain in a box

Back pocket:
Money and receipts.

Center pocket:
Discount cards.
Paper notepad (personal).
Rubber bands.
Hair band.

Brain in a box

Brain in a box

Brain in a box
The iPhone is everything else I need. It is my brain in a box. The iPhone is how I communicate:
Phone, messages, email, Dropbox, FaceTime, Contacts.

How I keep on time:
Clock, timer, alarm, calendar.

What I am suppose to do:
Calendar, shared Reminders, Notes,
Measure (with level).

Where I am going:
Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Safari,
Shared Reminders, Compass (with altimeter).

How I am entertained and informed:
Music, Pandora, YouTube, NPR, Podcasts,
Safari, stupid game.

How I remember my past:
Camera, Notes, email notes to self, Voice Memos, Photos.

Brain in a box
Social media does fit into this box somewhere, but I like to stay on its periphery.
Three things are all I need. They help me to be prepared.

All I need are Keys, Fanny pack and my brain in a box.

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