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Episode #615

November 14, 2020

This bLog (webLog) is located at any one of my domains:

The name of the bLog is iMentor® Hints and Rants.
It is a weekly bLog that i have written for 12 years.

This is episode #615.

The topics of the bLog were heavily focused on Apple tech hints at first.
Over the years the bLog has evolved into my musings on the human condition

To read the bLog, open an Internet browser and navigate to one of my domains.

Alternately, you can find the bLog with a Google search for “theimentor blog.”

You may find some references to This is not me.
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i also announce the bLog each week on my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Ask to be my friend, but mention iMentor. My name is Rick Thues.

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The archive listing goes all the way back to episode #1, February 7, 2009, “COMMAND TAB.”

Every episode includes an embedded song of the week. The song will be connected (however loosely) to the topic of the bLog. i have an eclectic taste in music so brace yourself. Some users play the song in the background while they read the episode.

Don’t forget to play the embedded videos in the bLog. Once the video is playing you can click on the “YouTube” logo in the bottom right to see the video on its native web page.

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When you fill out the comment form a Google technology called “reCAPTCHA” determines if you are a robot. Sometimes you will be presented with a captcha. Captchas require you to identify something in a graphic to prove you are a human. Before i added reCAPTCHA to my bLog i was getting 5-6 spam comments per day… mostly from Russian bots. Maybe i will write a bLog episode about captcha some day.

It has never cost money to read my bLog and it never will. i tried adding Google Ads to my bLog, but did not always like the content that they provided. i have considered adding a donation button to the page… maybe some day.

i really enjoy writing the bLog and that is motivation enough.

Your feedback helps me identify future bLog topics so let me know what you think.

Please tell everyone you know about the bLog.


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