Episode #621 

December 26, 2020

Sometimes i just let it be. 


i brought my old car to the shop one day and gave the mechanic a long list of problems to be fixed.
He said, “I can fix these critical things so the car will keep running. Don’t repair these other things. Just drive the car until it quits.”
Let it be.

My old computer began to run really slow.
i checked the operating system. It was not too new.
i found that there was plenty of storage and adequate RAM.
No malware was present to slow things down.
The applications i was using were just too demanding for the vintage of my computer.
i changed my habits to run fewer apps at the same time.
i shut down the computer more often.
i bided my time until i could buy a new computer.
Let it be.

In the middle of an argument i realized that my opponent was intractable. His mind was made up. Knowledge and reason were not going to change his point of view. His adamance and my contumaciousness were on the edge of damaging our friendship. 
i agreed to disagree.

Let it be.

My neighbors all put fences around their property.
i moved to Aguanga to be with nature.
i have no desire to fence nature in or to keep it out.
i will not be fencing my property.
Let it be.

Patience is allowing a situation to be.
When rushed, the quality or expense will suffer.
Quality of life should not be a cost.
The expense of a rushed job may be emotional.
Let it be.

Take three deep breaths.
This does three things:
i kill some time while breathing which sometimes allows a situation to work itself out.
i am distracted from the problem allowing a solution to present itself.
My mind is focused on my body, bringing calm.
Let it be.

Invite the quiet.
The loudness of silence can speak the truth.
Thoughts reveal clarity when not immersed in noise.
Let it be.

“Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Yeah, there will be an answer
Let it be”
— Paul McCartney

In the end i am a human be-ing,
allowing myself to be human.
Let it be.


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