Episode #641

May 15, 2021

Painting is an art best left to painters.



Fine art painting is a skill which requires great knowledge and training with an understanding of foundation, design, proportion, contrast and mathematics.

Painting a house is just as technical as fine art, requiring the same skills.

It is said that painting a house is 80% preparation and 20% painting.

Preparation starts with an analysis of the substrate. Is the facia rotted? Why is the paint peeling? What replacement construction is required before the project can begin?

Some damage can be repaired and patched by thoroughly removing the rot and filling with an appropriate compound. Drywall mud is soluble and not hard enough. A commercial grade of epoxy filler will last as long (or longer) than the surrounding wood.

The house should be power washed before sanding. This removes loose paint and grime.

Sanding will take the lion’s share of project time.
Paint should be sanded between coats, though not all painters do.

The amount of masking needed depends on the skill and technique of the painter. Some painters paint the trim first, mask the trim, then paint the body of the house. Others paint the body, then, with the skill of practice, paint the trim and its sharp edges by hand.

Let’s talk physics and fear.
i have never been on the roof of my house. It is scary steep and terrifies me. One slip can literally kill me. The roof is in the domain of the painter.
One roof safety measure is to throw a rope over the house and anchor it to a tree on the other side. This provides a hand hold when traversing the roof.

Another clever (but also scary) method of making roof scaffolding is to lean a ladder from the ground to the roof, then lay another ladder on the roof which butts into the top of the ground ladder. A helper must stand on the ground ladder or the whole thing comes tumbling down. 
If considering this method, forget it! Get a ladder roof hook.

Painting is a precision skill.
Always keep a wet edge.
If a section of paint is allowed to dry before continuing, a line of color change will be visible.

Consequently, don’t paint in the hot, direct sunlight. Also, don’t paint when it’s foggy or raining, since most paint is water based.

Do your research before hiring a painter. Get referrals.
Give a 50% deposit, but never pay the balance until the job is complete.

The following poem is my homage to a painter.

The painter


80% preparation
20% action
is De León

Not a rhyme.
He is

The process
is the end.
The end
is success.

What he says
is what he does.
He does
what he says.

All this I’ve known
of De León’s
painting shown.

rickiT 2021


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