Episode #646

June 19, 2021

Technology demands that we are multilingual.
Religion, society, trades, sports and entertainment also require us to speak many languages.

As a computer consultant a common observation is that clients try to speak Geek.

“I’ve been hacked,” she said.
“Why do you think so?” i asked.
“Someone is uploading viruses to my Google.
Apple Support says they have detected a Major Security Issue on my computer,” she states.

i think in fluent Geek:
“She has been tricked into installing malware. The adware is popping up fake alerts in Safari which say that the Apple tech support department of a scam technical support company has detected security issues on her computer.
No one is monitoring her computer. Let’s remove the adware and change the browser settings back to normal.”

The English that i tell her is not much different than the Geek i thought:
“You were tricked into installing adware. The message is fake. i hope you did not call them. It wasn’t Apple. i can remove the adware and put your Safari Internet program back to normal.”

Every construction trade has its own language.
As the foreman i arrived on the site with the CAD drawing from my BIM. i met the zoning inspector yesterday and will see the county code inspector today.

The laborers have finished backfilling the foundation and the framers are nailing 18” OC stud walls. Roof framing carpenters will be laying out the gable style IRC stick frame beams, hips, rafters and joists tomorrow. 16’ joists will require scarf joints. PVC plumbing, electrical conduit and HVAC will be next.
The backhoes and skip loaders have graded the egress. 
Siding, flooring and finish installers will complete the job.

How did you do? Do you speak construction?

Emotions come with psychological terms.
Can you accurately describe admiration, adoration, aesthetic appreciation, amusement, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, craving, disgust, empathy, entrancement, envy, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, romance, sadness, satisfaction, desire, sympathy or triumph?
i notice that love is not on this list of psychological terms, though it is on Aristotle’s list.

Ask your children how to speak Text. They might send you an emoji.

Political correctness is just manners, but since it is constantly evolving it is shunned by many, yet is an essential cultural language. i recently learned that “oriental” was pejorative and that “east asian” is more polite.

A well termed keyword search must take into consideration the language of the topic searched. I often will Google the subject for its proprietary terms before typing the keywords for the aspect i am searching.
Recently i was looking for a drip system valve. It took several searches before i found the term “gate valve.” This term lead me right to what i wanted: a 1/2” inline drip supply line gate valve.

If you ever want to explain a situation to a professional, know her language.
Otherwise you might have to bring a translator, diplomat or consultant to the conversation.


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