Episode #649

July 10, 2021

The Artificial Intelligence in a Costco water vending machine taught me a lesson in patience.

The machine was filled with small water bottles, eight slots across and five rows down.
The price for a bottle was 25 cents.
After inserting my quarter i had to press codes A1-8, through E1-8.
This code seemed unnecessary since all the slots were filled with the same water bottles.
i pressed B-4.

The automated arm scurried across and up to B-4. The mechanism pushed on the line of bottles, but the bottle did not fall into the arm.
Undaunted, the arm moved randomly to another slot.
Again, the mechanism pushed and again the bottle did not drop.
The arm entertained me for five more random slot attempts.

Growing impatient, i almost gave up, but the machine seemed so determined that i gave it one more try.

On the seventh attempt, a bottle dropped into the arm. Its momentary hesitation almost seemed like surprise. Then, with a jerk, the arm moved to the dispenser window and vended me the bottle.
i have never purchased that much entertainment for just a quarter.

i struggle with impatience all the time.

Like the vending machine, being determined is my best weapon against impatience.
There is a stubbornness and perseverance that comes from not giving up.
“If at once you don’t succeed, try try again.”

The calm of a constant, unchanging pace bears the promise of ultimate success. When exercising i no longer count time or repetitions. i focus on each action until the coach says to move on.
Time passes smoothly to resolution when i focus.

i feel an enduring gratitude when breaking through the wall of impatience. It releases tension and familiarizes me with the unknown.
Knowing that all will be fine in the end is the antithesis of tension and fear.

The diligence of the scientific method reveals the truth.
Observe, Ask, Hypothesize, Predict, Test and Iterate.
The same steps can be applied in conversation.
Listen, Consider, Evaluate, Determine, Respond, Listen.
Finishing someone’s sentences does not always move the conversation along.
There is no room for impatience in the scientific method.

Being longanimous is a measure of tolerance.
Tolerance leads to patience.

“…showing patient and unruffled self-control and restraint under adversity; slow to retaliate or express resentment.”

“…enduring trying circumstances with even temper or characterized by such endurance.”

In my life i look for the path of longanimity.
i am thankful that a Costco AI could teach me this small lesson of patience.

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