Episode #677

January 22, 2022

This is purgatory.
It is not heaven and it is not as hellish as hell.



I have filled this place with my own demons and my own angels. 
They challenge my happiness, sadness, fear and anger.

None of these challenges are right or wrong. They are just choice.
Free will is my choice. My choice is my destiny. 

Those souls with me are also purgatorians.
They provide an increment by which I measure my sanctity. 

Some of my fellows in purgatory are critics.
It is their struggle with fear and anger.
Some are complimentary. They turn toward happiness.
Sometimes everyone is judgmental because that is their job.

Sanctity is measured on a scale from oblivious to sentient. 
I am somewhere in between.  

Moment by moment I turn sadness, fear and anger into happiness.
Sometimes I succeed.

In sadness I look to joy for happiness.

When fearful I use trust to be happy.

Anger and happiness cannot live in the same place, so I do not go there.

My demons challenge me daily. They covet darkness.
Angels do not always live in the light. Nothing is as it seems.

Catholics offered indulgence (time off from purgatory)
for followers of Pope Francis’s tweets, so I followed him.
My time here has not noticeably changed.

The increment of my progress is a ladder.
It is a zeppelin trailing a stairway to heaven. 

I am not yet on the stairway.
Each completed trial, every success, builds a little more bridge to the stairway.
Sometime I will step onto the stair. I may walk down to a different purgatory or I may climb up.

Maybe someday I will meet the zeppelin pilot at the top of the stairs.
It might be nice to live in the sky.


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