Bucket List

Episode #703

July 23, 2022

A Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”



What adventures, accomplishments, aspirations or dreams do you have?
Put them on your bucket list.

A Bucket list is not definitive.
It is dynamic and will change over time.

Some items on the list will be introductions to future bucket list items.
35 years ago my wife, Paula, put a parachute jump on her bucket list.
Once we became skydivers our lists became populated with things like larger freefall formations, world records and travel. That parachute jump has evolved into a bucket list goal of skydiving in all 50 states. We are 15 states away from checking that item off our lists.

Some things on your list will be potentially life changing. Where do you eventually want to live? What countries do you want to visit. What employment do ultimately desire? What new skills will you learn?

Items on your list do not have to be grand or life changing. They can be as mundane as a house you want to remodel or a car you would like to drive.

Would you like to learn how to paint? How about that memoir you want to write? Put them on the bucket list.

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich,” famously said, 
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” 

Dale Carnegie addressed Hill’s comment with the following:

“Everyone comes to the earth plane blessed with the privilege of controlling his mind power and directing it to whatever ends he may choose. But, everyone brings over with him at birth, the equivalent of two sealed envelopes, one of which is clearly labeled, ‘the riches you may enjoy if you take possession of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice.’ And the other is labeled, ‘the penalties you must pay if you neglect to take possession of your mind and direct it.
And now let me reveal to you the contents of those two sealed envelopes. In the one labeled ‘riches’ is this list of blessings: 

1) sound health, 
2) peace of mind, 
3) a labor of love of your own choice, 
4) freedom from fear and worry, 
5) a positive mental attitude, 
6) material riches of your own choice and quantity. 

In the sealed envelope labeled penalties is this list of the prices one must pay for neglecting to take possession of his own mind:

1) Ill health, 
2) fear and worry, 
3) indecision and doubt, 
4) frustration and discouragement throughout life, 
5) poverty and want, 
6) and a whole flock of evils consisting of endless greed, jealousy, anger, hatred and superstition. 

Now my mission in life is to help you and everyone who needs my help, to open up and use the contents of the sealed envelope labeled ‘riches’ and the starting point from which you may take off if you wish to write your own ticket from here on out for the remainder of your life.”

A great starting point for your bucket list is the envelope labeled “Riches.”


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