Episode #705

August 6, 2022

Technically Human” by Ricki T Thues (the iMentor) is now available in paperback book on Amazon.


Technically Human” is a compilation of selected episodes from the iMentor Hints and Rants web log (bLog).
These stories speak to the human condition as seen through the eyes of a technical consultant.

Ensconced in “Technically Human” are catagorized episodes from the “iMentor Hints and Rants” bLog. 
The bLog ( began as a technical advice column by Ricki T Thues (the iMentor), private Apple computer consultant.

Over the past 14 years these writings have evolved from Hints and Tips about using Apple products to Ricki’s take on the human condition.
Herein is found advice on being human… with a technical twist. 

Topics range from Goals to Skills. 
From Point of View to Consequences. 
When does Technology lead and mislead Analysis, Communication and Physics? 
See how Attitude can affect Feelings and Philosophy.

The overreaching story is about human beings seen through the eyes of a technical consultant.
A computer is a puzzle. Occasionally the puzzle falls apart.
Humans are also puzzles. Our ability to put all the human pieces together enables and defines us.

Ricki T Thues, the iMentor, has been a private Apple Computer consultant for 25 years.
He is the author of the iMentor Hints and Rants webLog (, a tech bLog covering hints about computers to rants about the human condition.
After graduating from the University of Notre Dame Ricki has been a bus driver, cabinet maker, exhibit builder, estimator, ombudsman and consultant.
He and his wife are lifelong skydivers with a goal to jump in all 50 states. Ricki is now retired.
He is writing a soon to be released collection of short stories named Skydivers Know Why Birds Sing.

For my followers this book summarizes our relationship for the past decade.

For those new to the bLog, it encapsulates my visions and rants. It is an easy read, providing insight to the influences of technology on our humanity.

Please click HERE to purchase “Technically Human.
If the links do not work for you, search Amazon for “Technically Human Thues.”

With the help of the computer (or in spite of it) we have all become
Technically Human.

“Technically Human” by Ricki T Thues, the iMentor, is now available on Amazon.
It is a compilation of selected episodes from this bLog which tell the story of Humanity through the eyes of the iMentor.

Click HERE to buy the paperback or Kindle ebook at Amazon.

The ebook version of “Technically Human” is also available on Kobo. Click HERE.

For you Barnes and Noble Nook readers it is available for Nook. Click HERE.

The “Technically Human” ebook is also available on Apple Books . Click HERE.



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