Episode #710

September 10, 2022

The Smith family went out to a movie and dinner last week.



When they returned to the house, the father, Joe, noticed that the front door was unlocked. He motioned his wife, Mary, baby Billy and boy John back to the car. Mary locked the doors and started the car.

Joe went quickly to the garage and retrieved a hand gun. He investigated around the side of the house.

A side window was wide open. Joe finished his circle of the house, shining his phone flash light through the windows. The house seemed empty. He returned to the front door.

Joe opened the front door with a yell, “Come out RIGHT NOW!”
No answer.
He slipped inside, flipping on lights as he went.

Joe soon cleared the house. As he searched he noticed that nothing seemed disturbed. The TV and electronics were still there. No drawers were open, no closet doors ajar.

He went back outside to retrieve his family. They all went in the house to look around. No one else in the family saw anything out of place or missing.

Mary went to the kitchen to put Billy’s baby bottle in the refrigerator.
The refrigerator was empty. They had just been shopping so when they left for the movie that night the refrigerator was full. Gone were the fruits and vegetables. The meat and cheese drawers were empty. No milk, baby formula, orange juice, sodas or beer remained. The freezer was equally vacant.

All that remained in the refrigerator was a glass water bottle. All that was in the freezer were the ice cube trays.

On a hunch, Joe opened the pantry door. The pantry had been stripped of all the boxed and canned goods. Things like decorative dispensers and storage tins were still there.

Joe looked questioningly at Mary.
“It looks like they were hungry,” she said.
“Yes, and it looks like they had a family to feed,” said Joe.

Mary reminded Joe of all the Christmases when they had donated boxes of food to the church or to families they knew were in need.
Joe said, “I think I won’t call the police. Let’s call this charity.”
Mary agreed.

Just then John called from the living room.
“Mommy, Daddy. I found a note.”

Joe and Mary came over and read the note.
It said, “THANK YOU.”


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