Let Kindness Show

Episode #742

April 22, 2023


Robert opened the door to see a teenage boy standing timidly outside his grand mansion.


The boy said, “Excuse me, Mr. Davidson. Could you spare some change or some food? My grandmother and I haven’t eaten in days.” Robert, who had been in a bad mood all day, scowled at the boy and snapped, “First of all, call me sir! And furthermore, I don’t have time for beggars.” He slammed the door in the boy’s face.

Two days later, Robert was out for a walk when he saw an old woman struggling to carry her groceries home. “Can I help you with that?” he offered.
“Oh, bless your heart,” the woman said with a grateful smile. “I don’t know what I would have done without your help.” As they walked, the woman began to tell Robert about her grandson’s encounter with him. “Bobby asked for food at the door of the mansion up the street the other day,” she said, her voice shaking. “He was crying. He said the man slammed the door on him. The screen door almost knocked him over. Thank goodness others gave him enough money to buy these groceries.”

Robert felt terrible guilt. What was he thinking? This was not him. “I am so sorry that happened,” he said.
“It’s alright,” the woman said, patting his arm. “I believe he is a good man at heart. He just needs to let his kindness show through.”

“May I take you to lunch, ma’am?” Robert asked.
“I really need to get home with these groceries,” she replied, “but may I make you lunch at my house? I live just down the street.”
Robert took the groceries and carried them to the house. As they walked, he introduced himself, saying, “My name is Robert, what’s yours?” “I am Caris,” she replied.

They arrived at a modest, run-down apartment building. The door to Caris’s apartment was cheerfully decorated with flowers and a large “Welcome” sign. The interior was sparsely decorated, meticulously clean, and lived in. Over lunch, the woman told Robert how Bobby’s parents had died in a car wreck and care of him had fallen on her. “Bobby is very good in school. He wants to be a computer programmer. He is really good with computers, but I cannot afford to buy one. Bobby uses the computer at the library to learn and do his school work. I just know he will be successful. He is so smart.” It was obvious how much she loved the boy.

Robert listened intently, his mind playing back the scene of Bobby at his door and the sound of the door slamming. “I have to go now,” said Robert. “Thank you for the delicious lunch.”
“Thank you for the help with my groceries,” said Caris.

Robert owned the local Internet service company. He called the manager and said, “Tyler, Robert. I’ve got a project for you.” The next day, a Daily ISP service truck arrived at Caris’s home. The serviceman knocked on her door. “Ms. Boniface?” he asked. “Yes,” she replied. “My name is Santos. I have a work order here to install an Internet connection.” “I did not order that,” she said. “I see that here,” he replied. “It says this is part of a company public service program. It will be fully covered by Daily ISP. It also says it is an indefinite term.” 

As soon as the internet connection was installed in Caris’s home, Santos brought in a computer that came with the service. “Where should I set this up?”

Caris was at a loss for words and simply pointed to Bobby’s room. Santos carried the boxes to the room where he found Bobby engrossed in a book. Excitedly, Bobby helped Santos with the computer assembly. Impressed with Bobby’s hardware skills, Santos asked about his programming abilities.

“I’m top of my class at Sanford High, and my teacher says I write very clean code,” replied Bobby.

Santos handed Bobby a card and said, “We have a part-time position at Daily ISP that would be perfect for you. Go see HR at headquarters in town as soon as possible.” Bobby applied for the job the next day and was hired on the spot. With a decent salary, Bobby and his grandmother were lifted out of poverty.

Thanks to the company’s college assistance program, Bobby was able to attend a local technical academy after graduating high school. He soon rose to the position of lead tech at Daily ISP.

Several years later, Robert Davidson, the owner of the company, summoned Bobby to his office. As Bobby entered, Robert stood up and extended his hand. Although Robert looked familiar, Bobby couldn’t quite place him.

“You’ve been an outstanding leader these past few years,” said Robert. “I want to make you our Vice President of Product Development. Will you take the job?”
Bobby stammered his agreement, “Yes, yes sir.”

Robert smiled and said, “Please, Bobby, call me Robert.”


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