Episode #744

May 6, 2023

Swim in the deep blue sea.

Swim in the river of creativity.


Swim in the fast lane.

Swim in the sea of emotions.

Swimming in opportunities.

Swimming in the sea of possibilities.

Swimming in a troubled mind.

Swimming in debt.

Swimming in compliments.

Swimming with the tide.

Swimming upstream.

Swimming through life.

Swimming in money.

Swimming the butterfly stroke.

Swim for your life.

Swim towards success.

Swim in circles.

Swim with dolphins.

Swim in a sea of options.

Swim on your back.

Swim marathon.

Swim meet.

Swim spa.

Swim in confidence.

Swim in luxury.

Swim in the fountain of youth.

Swim in the deep end.

Swim with the current.

Stay afloat, swim.

Sink or swim.

Underwater swimming.

Freestyle swim.

Dog paddle swimming.

Rounding the swim buoy.

Swim in the sea of love.

“Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, by Harvey B Mackay.

Things are going swimmingly.


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