Episode #766
October 7, 2023

In the driver’s seat I am centered in my universe.
Maybe because I raised my seat a notch.
Maybe it is the clear weather to the horizon.
It might be that I am alone.


This moment is a fabric woven from reality.

In this moment scenery flows around me. 
The car is electric-mode silent. 
The hum of tires on road is a white noise of existence.

The scenery slows.
Details pop into clarity.

A bunny freezes its dash across the road. Its fur ruffles in a slight breeze. Nose twitches.
A hawk hovers. Its eye rotates toward the rabbit. Wing tips flick.
Clouds are painted on the deepest blue of skies, frozen in Plein-air.

Red shank branches give up their bark in curled shavings. Small white flowers burst from the tips of conifer shaped needles. The plant does not feel the breeze.

Devil’s Trumpet snakes onto the road protecting its spiked seed capsules with hallucinogenic flowers. A motionless raccoon lies nearby, open eyes staring.

A jumble of granite boulders create a cave. Lynx eyes glow from within. 
Fringes of colorful lichen mottle the rocks and blend with a lizard who postures, making himself large.

Ants undulate the decomposed granite, dragging spent greasewood flowers from their nest. 
Rust colored volcanos mark their entrances.

Everything pitches into motion.

Trees rush past.
Rabbit dashes.
Hawk swoops.
Raccoon blinks.

Clouds shift to the right as I enter my turn.
The moment moves into the future.

In moments of clarity, time does not exist.
I do not dwell in the past.
There is no future.
I simply am, one and the same with everything.


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