Episode #771

November 11, 2023

Elara’s life was a tapestry woven with threads of devotion, each strand representing a different aspect.


Her life was not always the story that her tapestry told.

Elara was careless about littering and wasting resources. One day, while driving through downtown, the filthy streets and smoggy skies depressed her. She vowed to embrace nature and venerate the environment. She devoted herself to tree-planting drives, reducing her carbon footprint and recycling diligently. The nearby forest was her canvas. She painted masterpieces of preserved beauty with her conservation.

Her forest walks taught Elara the plein-air of nature. The brush strokes of forests, boulders and wildlife compelled Elara to create breathtaking artwork of her own. She dedicated hours honing her skills, pouring her heart and soul onto the canvas. Her painting spoke to the nature she revered. Colors of life sang from her brush.

The bathroom scale at Elara’s house kept creeping up, so she began a strict workout routine and a constant balanced diet. Her adherence to health through yoga and exercise produced a vitality of body and mind. Fitness of body created clarity of mind.

Elara’s casual gazing at star filled skies became the veneration and fealty found in her regular meditation. She gained piety through fidelity to spiritual connections. This faith colored Elara’s daily tone.

Politically, Elara was uninvolved. She observed a lack of sincerity in politics and felt no one was fighting for her rights. Disturbed, she decided to participate in rallies and build allegiances and loyalties among fellow community members. Her ardor for public dialog created a zeal for society among her friends and detractors alike.

The tapestry of Elara’s devotions painted a picture of solemnity. Her awareness of the sacredness of life was a testament to its richness. Together its threads wove a symphony of passion and commitment. It was a melody that resonated in her life and the lives around her.


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