Episode #798

May 18, 2024



1,400 miles in four days. 
Eight miles to the gallon. 
Fifty cents a mile. 
Aguanga to Cleburne.

A dead line of interstate beckons, beckons, beckons, beckons.
Tucson, El Paso, Abilene electrified gravel parking lots.
Winslow, Cussler, Twain explaining everything.

Arrival, rest, anticipation.
Patience, as nature takes its course.
Moon takes bigger, bigger bites, spitting out shadows of darkness.
Chill loiters over dry Texas heat.
Friends and strangers wait.
Flash of green refraction.
Three minute forty second synchronous alignment.
Midnight noon.
Lunar corona. Corona in hand.
Two planets illuminate the day.
Rebirth is a dirge of enlightenment.

Everyone is human in nature’s presence.
We all line up with the sun and the moon,
drifting apart as quickly.

No sooner do we arrive than we leave.

Texas superbloom.
Desert carpet yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, green, blue, white…

We dive into limestone helictites.
Total darkness eclipses crystal.
Light flashes calcite facets, bouncing echos fade.

Black line of alienation snakes a border.
No gas, no food, no water, foil garland on greasewood.
Rabbit, coyote, snake and scorpion.

Nowhere to sleep in El Paso.
Walmart does not care.

No raptor show in the Saguaro, too hot.
Concrete cave, dirt path, trapped animals, flowers.

Rough rattling ride through cholla, mesquite, acacia, palo verde, creosote, agave, yucca, barrel, pincushion, prickly, saguaro paradise.

Lizard, frog, turtle, snake, owl, woodpecker, roadrunner, sparrow, wren, towhee, warbler, javelina, deer, bobcat, bear, lion, and monsters hide.

Sand dunes connect the desert to home where we arrive safely,
nearly 3,000 miles older.


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