Episode 601

August 8, 2020

This week i closed the books on iMentor.
i am officially retired.

Dear regular readers… do not dismay.
i will still write my bLog.
If needed and if asked i will connect to some of your computers if i can help remotely.
House calls will be rare.

My primary business goal in iMentor was to make myself obsolete with every customer.
The success of my business was built on this goal.
If i can “teach you half as much about computers as your kids know” i have succeeded. 
It is, after all, in the name of my company…. i – Mentor.
i encouraged clients to learn how to fix the problems themselves.
With those accomplishments my clients became my best salesmen.

“Call the iMentor. He taught me how to fix my computer problem.”

My English degree from Notre Dame was useful after all.
i am able to translate geek into English.
i have always been a teacher in business and in life.

To this end, i created my bLog.

600 bLog episodes ago i began the iMentor Hints and Rants bLog as a free service for my past and present clients.
Over those 11.5 years i gave tips, shortcuts, procedures, work arounds and repair advice.
i have emphasized, reminded, scolded and SCREAMED OUT LOUD the need to back up your data.
Sometimes i have said that you should update or upgrade.
Sometimes i have not.
Sharing the history of computing was fun.
Imagining the future of computing was sometimes frightening.

i will still write my bLog.

Expect less hints and more rants.
The content will be less technical and more human.

Get ready to follow me on projects around the ranch.
Take to the roads as Paula and i continue our quest to skydive in all 50 states. (We have jumped in 30 so far.)
Expect that my iMac, iPhone and iPad will still play a role in my bLog.

There are things about Apple that are just not the same as they used to be.
Some good. Some different. Some just wrong.
My bLog will have things to say about Apple.

As my computing equipment ages with me i will share the challenges it presents.

My favorite excerpt from the bLog so far is from February 25, 2012.
Episode #160 “Code Poem”

It is a poem i wrote named “while:”
The poem will actually run on a computer.
It describes sleeping.

while :
# by rickiT
For zzz = 1 To 3
Next zzz
GoTo Sleep

This poem reminds me of my only frustration with computers.
No matter how fast the computer is, i always seem to be waiting for it.

i will still write my bLog.

The iMentor Hints and Rants bLog is my way of waking you up every week.
Most of all i will continue to teach.
Critical thinking, common sense and an open mind will always be themes of my bLog.

If i open your eyes, don’t be surprised when,
like my own eyes in the morning,
yours close again to finish a dream.


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