In Control

Episode #650

July 17, 2021

i do not like how much my iPhone controls me.
Yet, i would be lost without my iPhone.


The computer in my pocket nags me constantly.

Its alarm tells me when to get up.

The calendar tells me where i need to be and who i will meet.
This information informs me what clothes i should wear.

If it were not for my iPhone i would miss appointments.


Even if i remembered who and where to meet i could not get there without my iPhone.
The Contacts app tells me where to go

and the Maps app tells me how to get there.

While driving i am informed and/or entertained by the Music, Podcast, News, Radio and other noise making apps.
Time would pass slowly without my iPhone.

If the task at hand is outside my bailiwick, i Google solutions with my iPhone.

It does not stop with the Internet.
i have the information of social media, technical manuals and TED talks on my iPhone.

Excellent search skills are the Internet skills i have. The rest is delegated to my iPhone.
i do have social skills and am a good teacher, but i consult my iPhone on Political Correctness.
While in conversation i try not to win bets with my iPhone, but I could.

People make me wait.
Games on the iPhone pass the time. i have achieved all the levels of Angry Birds.  What a waste of wasted time.

Shopping is no longer possible without my iPhone. Groceries, hardware, supplies and stuff to buy are listed in the TickTick app.

Between scan-depositing-checks and touch-to-ApplePay my iPhone is an ATM.

i write my bLog on my iPhone.
Dictation makes the text flow from my brain to my Notes.

Copy and paste move my thoughts into WordPress. i jazz up the words with graphics and links that i find with my iPhone.
i publish the bLog from my iPhone.

What should i do around the house? My iPhone knows.
House chores, garage projects, gardening and landscaping are prioritized and managed from my iPhone.

A road trip would not happen without my iPhone. Reservations, mapping of routes, destinations and accommodations are there on my iPhone. i hope there is an Internet connection when i arrive.

Every day i must take 10,000 steps or more to stay healthy. The Health app on my iPhone records and encourages that goal. The All Trails app on my iPhone shows me where to walk.

Oh yes, i communicate with my iPhone.
i make phone calls, have video conferences, text, email and post.

To illustrate a point, my iPhone has still and video cameras.
If attachment of Audio/Visual is too stark i can produce a slideshow or movie on my iPhone.
My iPhone is a production studio.

At the end of the day i am obligated to plug my iPhone into the charger so that i will have a brain tomorrow.

OK Apple, let’s just get on with it. 
Install the computer in my brain so i don’t have to keep taking the iPhone out of my pocket.

I would like that 
and I would hate that.


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