Uncommon Sense

Episode #726

December 31, 2022

Common sense is less common than its name.
Something common is only a majority opinion.

Modern opinion has been torn apart by politicians, social media and tribal stubbornness. Common sense has been delegated to the two corners of a perverse yin and yang of belief.

Yin: “No you aren’t!” 
Yang: “Yes I am!”

In the absence of critical thinking there can be no common sense. The truth is hidden between the lines of social rants, bigotry and ignorance. In spite of the availability of all knowledge on the Internet, social platform algorithms box us into our prejudices.

In YouTube, the more I view a certain type of video or opinion the more examples of similar thought are presented to me. 

Friending and unfriending of Facebook users tends to group people on one side or the other of the yin and yang. 

All social media puts us in a box. Pinterest “boards” organize our interests into categories which limit us to certain content. We can create a new category of board, but it requires a conscience choice and some strength of will. My interest in building a shed boxed me into plans, construction technique and DIY projects. When I wanted to break out into book cover design I had to search for and pin a whole new set of Pinterest pages. I imagine that many of us no longer possess the will to break out of our boxes. Those boxes are far too comfortable.

Critical thinking leads to uncommon sense. It allows one to think outside of the box. It can lead to conclusions not shared by a majority, but are closer to the truth. It is within every one of us to embrace transcendent truth.

At the essence of science is critical thinking. Physicists are on the verge of throwing out traditional fundamental particle, field and forces physics in favor of string theory. Opinion and even mathematical formulae evolve with study and observation.

When I was young we studied the Bohr model of an atom with a central nucleus and “shells” where electrons rotated around.

This shell idea was replaced by clouds of electrons.

With further theoretical observation physicists believe that atomic particles are made of quarks, which have a probability of where they might reside. Furthermore, quarks appear to be infinitely small. But are they?

Some theories postulate that quarks exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Do we live in one of a multitude of dimensions or do we step from one possible dimension to another with each passing moment of time?

As your eyes glaze over, realize that you are being confronted with uncommon sense.
If you open your mind to new possibilities, you may be able to step out of your own box of common sense and into uncommon sense.


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