Quarantine Songs

Episode 588

May 9, 2020

i have turned to YouTube for much of my music listening.

A search for my favorite song, artist, group or genre delivers a list of hundreds of in-kind videos. Once one of the videos is played the others automatically play in order.

Some YouTube videos have advertisements, but most allow me to skip the ads after 5 seconds or so. For the convenience of skipping, when i am listening in my shop i stream from my iPhone and keep the phone in a convenient place, like my nail apron. When i am at my desk i keep Safari open in a small window in the corner of my screen so i can easily skip the ads.

Alumni of my high school class have been suggesting songs for listening during pandemic quarantine. We are on a mailing list where classmates will suggest a song and provide a YouTube link to the song. At the end of the week we vote on which of the songs we liked the best. i have been saving the bookmarks of each of the songs, but this requires me to open and play each video individually.

i wanted to provide an easy way for my classmates to listen to all of the week’s videos.

YouTube allows me to create a playlist of whatever videos i like. Once created, i can listen to all the songs in the playlist without switching from one YouTube page to another. The next video in the playlist plays automatically.

Here is the list of a week of quarantine songs:

Dock on the Bay
Dust in the wind
For What it’s Worth
Runnin’ on Empty
In my Room
Just my Imagination
Can’t Find my Way Home
Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer
Too much Pork, Just One Fork
Georgia on my Mind
Already Gone
Let it Rock
Season of the Witch
White Room
Can’t Get Next to You
In the Shelter
Beat It
Alone Again, Naturally
Stayin’ Alive
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Stay Away
Can’t Touch This
Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old

Here is a link to the playlist that plays them all: Servite Quarantine Playlist.

i don’t normally give step by step instructions on how to use the Internet, but this week i will. Making a playlist is a fun thing you can do on YouTube.

To create a playlist you have to have a Google/gmail account.
To acquire a Google account:
• Navigate to google.com
• Click on the “Sign in” button
• Click on the “Create account > For myself” link
• Fill out the forms and follow the prompts to create a Google account.
• Don’t forget the email that you use or the password you create.

Here is how i make a YouTube playlist:

  • Sign in to Google.
  • Navigate to YouTube
  • Click on your account icon in the upper right
  • Select “Your Channel.”

  • Click the blue “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” button.

  • From the Playlists tab, click on “New playlist” button

  • Give the playlist a name and click “Create” button

  • Navigate to a video you would like to include in the playlist.
  • Click the Save button under the lower right corner of the video.

  • Click the checkboxes next to your playlists that you want this video to join. (Note that this dialog also allows you to create a new playlist).

  • Repeat the Saving process for as many videos as you want.
  • Back on your Playlist notice that the videos have been added.

  • Change the order of the videos by dragging the “hamburger handle” up or down the list.

  • Sort by Date added (newest or oldest), Most popular or Date published if desired.

  • Set the playlist access to Public, Unlisted or Private.

  • Give the playlist a description

  • Shuffle the play if desired.

  • Share the playlist with various social media or just copy the URL and share it that way.

  • From the ellipse (•••), Add videos, add the list to another of your lists, add collaborators who can edit your list, delete this playlist or make playlist settings.

  • Playlist Settings let you to allow others to embed your playlist. (i use embedment to display the song of the week in this bLog). Also in Settings, you can set videos to be added to the top of the list instead of the bottom.

  • Explore advanced settings for automation features.

My channel can be viewed here.

There is not much to it since i use YouTube primerily to embed my own videos into my bLog. i plan on adding to the channel, thus increasing my presence on YouTube.

You can give the URL of your channel to anyone you want.  They can see videos that you have uploaded, your playlists, other of your channels, make comments in Discussion and view information About your Channel.

When visiting a channel, click the SUBSCRIBE button to be notified of new content.

During stay-at-home music has become a welcome companion.

YouTube playlists allow me to listen the the music i love the most.

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