Episode #747

May 27, 2023


Less is more.



The Universe is a perfect example of minimalism. Everything is mediated by gauge bosons which mediate the fundamental forces of nature (such as the photon, which mediates the electromagnetic force). These invisible particles are so simple that they are elemental. All energy and matter from quarks to complex molecules exist at the whim and design of these minimal forces.

I believe in minimalism because it is easy to execute. A minimalist approach speaks to the function of the project. For example, when I set out to build raised planters for our yard I chose to use the simplest of materials which could accomplish the task. The planters needed to be raised off the ground so the rabbits would not eat the plants, so I used pressure treated 4×4 fir lumber legs. These were strong enough to support the weight of the dirt without the necessity of additional trussing. I used 2x8s to frame the planters. 2x4s formed a strong bottom and attaching cleats. The most universal fastening means was screws, simple and effective. The materials were basic, but they did the job with minimal effort and minimal complexity.

In writing, less is often more.

A complex, run-on sentence which drones on and on with multiple prepositions and numerous conjunctions which add nothing to the point of the sentence and only serve to bore the reader, who wants nothing more than to close the book and go do something else, does not serve to make the author’s point, unless it is THIS sentence which illustrates the advantage of minimalism in the writing process.

In other words: Show, don’t tell.

I have the knowledge and skills to automate my house. I could turn my lights off and on by asking a smart speaker to do so. I prefer a light switch. A door camera could tell me who is at my door, but I prefer to open the door when they knock.

Music could be networked to play anywhere and everywhere throughout the house, but there are only three rooms where I listen to music. There is a music player in each of those rooms.

Sometimes simple is more effort than complex. I could install a whole house heating system controlled by a smart thermostat. But, the wood burning stove in my living room functions quit well, thank you very much. I do have the effort of harvesting dead wood from my property and must cut it up into stove sized pieces. I stack it next to the stove, clean the ashes and start the fire. These chores are healthful and a labor of love. In the end, the house gets heated.

When my wife and I set out to purchase our retirement home we looked for a minimal structure. We wanted a small kitchen where everything was easily reached and one that would discourage guests from gathering there. We needed a bedroom, guest room and office. More than three bedrooms would be excessive. A living room combined with a dining area was all we required. Two bathrooms is a minimum for us. For cold weather days a laundry area inside the house is a must. A small reading area finished the list. These requirements led us to a 1500 ft cabin in a rural area of the mountains. The minimum of our requirements resulted in a cosy and quiet place to live.

The more complex a thing is the more there is to go wrong. Ease of learning, simple use and predictable results are all earmarks of a minimal system.

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