In the Moment

Episode #769

October 28, 2023





In the Moment

Now is now, right now.
Don’t miss it.

There is a goal, over there. Over there. Still there.
Here is a moment, right here. Now it is gone.

How many moments missed on the way?
How many ways to kick it down the road?
What dust settles at the heel of the wheel?
What moments flash in the mirror?

Trade time for the joy of adventure, story, a moment shared.
Joy is the spending of time.
Joy is meeting someone’s eyes,
synchronizing a smile,
taking a lover’s hand.

Presence is in each moment, passed one to another.
Set em up and knock em down.
It is the cue and the shot that matters. There is no score.

Consequences are for analyzing.
What follows each moment is the future.
What is thought about the moment is past.
What is in the moment is now.

Argument is a wasted point in time.
Winning a point loses the moment.

Apologies are course corrections,
agreement to a down wind flight.
Sail with the wind at your back.
Fail when you battle head winds.

Find the joy of the now.
Seek the brevity of the moment.
Give a present of the present.

Now is now, right now.
Don’t miss it.

rickiT, 2023


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