As I mature my level of intensity has lowered. I find that human foibles don’t bother me as much any more. There are many things that IDGAD about nowadays.

IDGAD about an intractable opinion born of narrow exclusive exposure to conservative news.
I hope that those minds are opened to all the points of view that politics affords.
The discussion is richer when both sides know the other’s point of view.

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IDGAD about terror hiding in the dark corner of fear. I hope that fear becomes familiar with its environment of risk. The only fear that humans know is the fear of the unknown.

IDGAD about tailgaters. Their window of time is so narrow that they risk their lives and those around them to live minutes less. I hope that they slow down and enjoy the drive. I hope that they leave for their appointment earlier.

IDGAD about mythology. So many adhere to beliefs, lore, convictions and traditions based on mythos.
I hope that mythology is used for personal guidance instead of as religion.

IDGAD about the ignorance i hear from the mouths of the uneducated. I hope society will pick up the ball of education. We used to have little red school houses in every town where all could learn.

IDGAD about bigotry. One person is no better than another. We are all the same. I hope we can look past the skin and the culture and the history and the mistakes of others.

IDGAD that someone thinks they are better than someone else. More money, better education, popular points of view or lighter colored skin should not isolate.
I hope we can open our arms in an act of inclusion.

IDGAD if you want everything for yourself. Everything is for everyone.
I hope we learn to share this earth.
I don’t mean socialism — it trickles down.
I mean community — it bubbles up.

IDGAD that I make you angry. i’m sorry. Your anger is of your own making. I hope that you see that critique is not criticism.

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