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Episode 548

August 3, 2019

Evolution in computing is the one certainty.

i have used the same web authoring software for more than 10 years.

Ten years in computer years is like 20 years in dog years.

The software should have stopped working 5 years ago.

The authoring software i have used is Apple’s iWeb.

Apple ceased development and support of iWeb 8 years ago.

All this time i have been using unsupported software.

Yet it still works and i still keep cranking out the bLog entries.

The next Macintosh operating system will be macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Catalina will only run 64 bit applications.

iWeb is a 32 bit application.

If i upgrade to Catalina, i will not be able to use iWeb to write my bLog.

Evolution strikes again.

This time iWeb has become extinct.

That is why you are here on this new web site.

My friend Jerry Doe of dev2host has helped me to move my bLog to this new site.

It is a WordPress site.

WordPress is a web authoring system which should be supported well into the future.

Edits to the web site are done on line and do not depend on an application running on my Mac.

The new bLog allows for comments… be gentle.

i hope you enjoy the new iMentor Hints and Rants bLog as much as i do.

Welcome to the evolution of my new bLog.


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