Small revelation

Sometimes in life there occurs a small revelation. I have been trying to control my anger with tailgaters.
I swore out loud when they trailered me on the highway



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I said to myself: stop swearing at them. So I did.




The swearing rang even louder, silently in my mind. This made me even angrier.




I realized that swearing out loud was an outlet for my anger. What to do?




An old Apple slogan danced into my head: “THINK DIFFERENT.”

[requisite tech reference for a tech bLog]

What if I thought different? Instead of anger, forgiveness.

The next tailgater to come along, I thought: I feel sorry that this driver doesn’t realize how dangerous tailgating is. This thought still had a tenor of anger.

The next, more forgiving thought was: She is in a hurry… late for an appointment.

This thought felt good.



I said aloud, “She is late and under pressure.”

I thought, I can help her by pulling over to let her go by.

I pulled over at my first opportunity.

She screamed past me and sped away.

What just happened? I thought.

I had no tension. There was no indigestion. No anger.

It didn’t even slow down my trip.

Ten minutes later i pulled up behind my tailgater who was stuck behind a line of slow moving cars.

I did not say, “It serves you right!”. I thought, she’s going to be late after all. I empathized with her. It is a situation I have been in myself.

I felt good, thankful for a small revelation.

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