Save You From Yourself

Episode #714

October 8, 2022

Do people want to save you from yourself?
How does that sound to you?
Whose job is it to save you in this life?


Some of the people around me want to think for me.
They remind me of the obvious, lead me with their ideas, do things for me, contradict my beliefs, monitor my actions and watch my six.

Some want to focus me, guide me and specialize me.
I am a generalist. Specialization is for insects.

In the name of protection I am guarded, limited, restricted and regulated. My options are narrowed to those in the middle of the curve of the risk.
I must not let my own guard down.

They will help me to profit from me. They deceive to defraud.

The alternative is love.
To collaborate, listen, respect, appreciate and emulate is to love.
Walk in my shoes.
Accept my knowledge, my opinion and my expertise.
Give me space to efface.

Give me room to make mistakes so I can learn.

Computer operating systems direct the user to certain limited choices.
Windows has their Start menu. It distorts the filing system, hiding it behind a menu of choices. Apple presents the filing system as an outline which forces the user into a file cabinet mentality, limiting control icons to those the user will invent.
Home controller assistants require users to ask for help.
Operating Systems try to do it for me.

All around me are attempts to protect me, to save me from myself.
They impose their opinion to assert their truth.
They recruit me to their norm.

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinion.”
-Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1500

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